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SOFAR Acoustics, LLC is a research and development firm focused on innovative solutions that combine science and advanced technology.
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November 2016 - SOFAR Acoustics attends the Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Conference, Cambridge MA.

October 2016 - SOFAR Acoustics participates at the SBIR Conference at MIT, Cambridge MA.

July 2016 - SOFAR Acoustics wins an Office of Naval Research STTR Award.

March 2016 - SOFAR Acoustics profiled in Bloomberg Business.

December 2015 - SOFAR Acoustics wins an Army Phase II STTR Award.

June 2015 - SOFAR Acoustics attends the National SBIR Conference, Maryland.

May 2014 - SOFAR Acoustics' CEO Irena Lucifredi occasionally reviews publications for JASA.

April 2014 - SOFAR Acoustics in attendance at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.

November 2013 - SOFAR Acoustics CIO reviews the progress of Moore's law.

September 2013 - SOFAR Acoustics wins an Army STTR Award.

May 2013 - SOFAR Acoustics attends the National SBIR Conference, Maryland.

April 2013 - SOFAR Acoustics' CIO Federico Lucifredi regularly publishes in ADMIN Magazine.

September 2012 - SOFAR Acoustics partners with Lockheed Martin Corp.

August 2012 - SOFAR Acoustics wins an Army STTR Award.

June 2012 - SOFAR Acoustics invited to speak at the Acoustical Society of America Conference, Kansas City.

November 2011 - SOFAR Acoustics wins a Navy SBIR Award.

October 2011 - SOFAR Acoustics attends the National SBIR Conference, New Orleans LA.

August 2011 - Dr. Irena Lucifredi publishes an article in Geophysical Journal International.

June 2011 - SOFAR Acoustics participates in the DHS Regional Vendor Outreach, Boston MA.

April 2011 - SOFAR Acoustics' CIO Federico Lucifredi published in the latest issue of Linux Pro Magazine covering the emergence of Open Hardware.

March 2011 - SOFAR Acoustics participates in the National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit, Washington DC.

Movie of focus-beamformed radiating shell responses emerging from the seabed.


The technical staff at SOFAR Acoustics provides a synergy of experience in acoustics, signal processing, sonar technology, seismology, and information technology. We offer a variety of applied research and development services, from acoustic modeling, simulation, and signal processing, through system and sensor development, to distributed cloud computing. We provide services related to following disciplines:

■ Acoustics

■ Signal Processing

■ Seismology

■ Embedded Linux Systems

■ Distributed Sensor Networks

■ Cloud Computing

GPU Acceleraiton of AUV Processing
There exists a need for innovative, cost-effective, parallel architectures for autonomous acoustic processing to significantly increase the processing capability for new autonomous underwater sensing systems. SOFAR Acoustics is conducting an effort to deliver a cost-effective, low-power, highly accelerated execution environment for the underwater acoustic signal processing on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), addressing diverse operational constraints given by space, power consumption, numerical accuracy, and access to communication infrastructure. Most GPU architectures, such as the top-performing Nvidia Kepler K-40, can deliver massive amounts of parallel computation through hundreds of arithmetic-logic unit lightweight cores, but require approximately 300 Watts to operate and are therefore not viable options for these environments. SOFAR Acoustics can provide a cost-effective COTS hardware/software processing acceleration solution capable of perform within a single-digit Watt power-budget, while at the same time providing speedup of at least five times over the current single threaded processing.

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